Accident Prevention


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Why All The Fuss About Accident Prevention?

You’ve heard lots of talk, read lots of words, about working safely on our projects. Sure it’s “old stuff” — and important stuff.

There’s lots at stake for YOU in working without injury or damage. You have much to gain by keeping fit and unhurt. One reason has a big dollar-sign in front of it. But there are other important reasons: other people who count on you for happiness, and perhaps for financial support; they also have a big stake in your safety as a construction worker.

And there are other things — like what you want most out of life. Maybe it’s a top-favorite hobby like fishing, hunting, a boat, a new set of wheels, a trip to far-off places, entering or finishing up school, early retirement, or a healthy bank account to fall back on. Keeping uninjured and steadily on the payroll has a lot to do with winning your important goals in life.

Think of all the things you’re able to do now that give you earning power; then think of trying to do these same things if you were minus a hand…or arm…or leg…or your eyesight. It’s much harder — if not impossible — for a disabled worker to reach all his major personal goals.

So don’t think about safe work practices and rules as “hemming you in” or “cutting down on your individual freedom”; think about them as positive things, designed to help you keep your freedom and your abilities, so that you have a better chance of getting what you want most out of life.

A risky habit or dangerous condition on the job is a threat to your freedom and your future. Working efficiently and without injury is the safest avenue leading from where you are to where you want to be in life.

That’s why accident prevention is worth fussing about!


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